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Why Do I Need a Professional to Acid Wash My Pool?

While you can acid wash the surface of your empty pool as a weekend DIY project, hiring a Blue Utopia Pools professional provides you protection and peace of mind. Different types of pool surfaces will need different mixtures of acid, and the acid can remain on the surface for different lengths of time before needing to be washed away. Hiring…

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Water Chemistry is a Process of Balance

Why are my pool chemicals always out of balance? The problem begins when you try to correct a severe imbalance of one or more of the components, you can throw the other components out of alignment. For example, when killing an unexpected algae bloom or eliminating blue staining from the plaster, the treatments you add can make other chemicals less…

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Green Algae and Your Arizona Pool

Question: Why is my pool green? Answer: The green in your pool is a single-celled plant called Algae. It is a form of seaweed. Algae can be carried to the pool by the wind, which drops spores into the water where they grow quickly, especially in Arizona where the water temperature in pools can exceed 90 degrees in summer. Although…

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Understanding TDS and Your Pool

Of course you are not meant to drink pool water, but if you swim and splash around you can’t help but get some in your mouth. Just for comparison, according to the EPA drinking water is allowed a maximum TDS of 500 ppm while pool water is safe at 2,000 ppm. TDS stands for “total dissolved solids” and is the…

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