Quality Pool service Goodyear AZ

Blue Utopia offers pool cleaning services, repair, maintenance, and parts replacements on virtually any system for the best pool service in Goodyear, AZ. Get professional pool care that keeps your swimming pool beautiful and ready to use. Set your pool cleaning on autopilot and let us handle your regular maintenance in a timely manner.

Deep, Healthy Swimming Pool Cleaning

Our Goodyear swimming pool services are performed weekly to keep your pool sparkling all year long. The most important part of the weekly pool cleaning service is the consistency of your pool care company – throughout the year. That consistency is where our service excels, and why our customers stay with us year after year. Keeping your pool clean in the hot weather of Goodyear, AZ is tedious work. Let Blue Utopia Pools take care of your swimming pool cleaning and maintenance to keep your outdoor oasis crystal blue. Our weekly Goodyear Arizona pool cleaning service takes the hassle out of pool ownership, so you can spend more time swimming and less time cleaning.

Our Pool Services in Goodyear, AZ Include:

  • Test and balance pool chemicals
  • Skim and brush the water line and the entire pool as needed
  • Check motor and system pressure
  • Check cleaning system operation (vacuum or pop-ups)
  • Backwash as needed
  • Clean salt cells as needed
  • Communicate if there are any issues with the pool that need to be addressed
  • Clean filters two times a year
  • Tile cleaning & pool vacuuming

Reliable Pool Repairs & Equipment Installation

Blue Utopia Pools delivers expert swimming pool repair and installation services for all types of Pool Equipment. We can take care of any needed repairs so pool owners in Goodyear, AZ can relax and enjoy.

Our swimming pool technicians have a combination of knowledge and experience that sets us apart from competing pool cleaners in the West Valley area. With over a decade of pool maintenance and service under our belts, we are the pool repair company that you can depend on. Vacuums or popups, salt systems or chlorinators, repair or replacement; our technicians see and perform hundreds of pool equipment repairs per year. With free estimates and year-round swimming pool service, why not call Blue Utopia Pools and see what we can do?

Pool Maintenance Services include:

  • Variable Speed Pool Pumps
  • Single Speed Motors
  • Filter Cleans
  • Heaters (Pool + Spa)
  • Pool Vacuum Cleaners
  • Pop Up Cleaners
  • Motor Leaks
  • Piping Leaks
  • Filter Leaks
  • Pool Draining
  • Acid Washing

And More!

Frequently Asked Questions

While you’re waiting on your weekly service, there are a few things that can be done to keep your pool maintenance at its best. Swimming pool owners in Goodyear, AZ can check their baskets and keep them free of any large debris. Emptying the pool pump and skimmer baskets will keep the swimming pool water circulation ideal and your pool just a bit cooler in Goodyear, Arizona’s hot weather.  It’s also important for owners and managers to keep their pools clear of any pool toys, debris, and rocks to prevent pool equipment damage, remote stress from cleaning systems, and help your Arizona pool stay at its prime. Contact our Goodyear, AZ pool cleaning experts, ask us a few questions, and get started on weekly pool cleaning and pool maintenance that you can count on.

Yes, our pool service professionals work with all types of swimming pools. Saltwater pools provide a more gentle, silkier feel for your enjoyment along with a steady stream of chlorine to keep your pool water sanitized for longer periods. Our technicians have ample experience with salt water pool care and superior knowledge, punctuality, and professionalism that ensures your pool stays clear all year long. Talk to your trusted pool service pros and get all of the services you need to maintain a saltwater pool. West Valley pool service experts and set up pool cleaning and maintenance on any swimming pool system.

We generally recommend waiting approximately 30 minutes after having your swimming pool service done to hop in. This 30 minute period is ample time for your pool pump to run and make sure any chemical additions are safely mixed throughout the pool water. After everything is harmlessly dissolved, feel free to hop on in and enjoy your safe pool water!

Our pool services in Goodyear are stationed right off West Indian School Rd., allowing us to provide timely and dependable pool services to customers in Goodyear, AZ, and the surrounding West Valley area.  Our pool cleaners handle everything from pool tile cleaning and chemical balancing to pump replacement and acid washes, so you can relax and enjoy your crystal clear swimming pool year-round.  

When pool cleaning isn’t enough, sometimes you need an acid wash to help you achieve a fresh start. We offer professional acid washes for swimming pools in Goodyear, AZ, and the West Valley area to keep your pool clean.