Cleaning Filters is Less Costly than Replacing Filters in the Long Run

Filters can be cleaned numerous times before they must be replaced.

How often you run your pool filter and how many times the filter can be cleaned before replacement materials and hardware are necessary depends on several factors: the product(s) you begin with, how clean and balanced you or your pool service keeps your pool, and the condition/efficiency of the other hardware in your pool. Environmental factors such as monsoon weather make pool filters work harder than normal, so will the excessive hot Arizona heat.

Our expert Blue Utopia Pools technicians have found that, presuming all your other equipment is in good shape, D.E. filter grids last a couple of years, sand in a sand filter lasts around 7 years, and cartridge filters last 2 to 5 years in our Arizona climate.

You built your pool as the spot in your home as a place to relax, splash, swim and have a wonderful time. Your pool is an investment in your home as well as an investment that brings joy when used.

Clean filters are important to protect your investment, as well as making your pool safe for the people who use it.

Filter cleaning:

  • add life to your pool
  • save you money

At Blue Utopia Pools, we provide you with a written estimate for all our professional pool services including filter cleans. Filter cleaning services are based on the size of your filter.

Our technicians also clean your salt cell, or backwash your sand or D.E. filters as part of your regular weekly pool service.

Blue Utopia Pools techs are available to clean and repair your pool as needed. With great prices for regular customers filter cleans are much easier on the wallet than repairs.

We recommend you have your first pre-scheduled filter clean at the beginning of summer, late fall after swimming season, and mid-winter.

Feel free to call us at 623-932-9104 if you have concerns or questions about your swimming pool maintenance.

Are you ready to save?