Goodyear Pool Pump Repair

Blue Utopia Pools technicians can assist with your Goodyear pool pump repair. First, we start with a diagnosis of the issue. Some of the potential problems could be a shaft seal leak, air leak, failing motor, and/or return leaks. After we diagnose the issue, we will provide you with the best cost-effective solution to complete the repair of your Goodyear AZ pool pump. Correcting the issue before it can cause more damage could potentially save you money in the long run.

Noisy Pool Pump?

This can happen when your pool pump is worn. If you are hearing a grinding noise, it is possible that there are small rocks or debris blocking the impeller. Typically the noises are caused by failed motor bearings. This is common in pumps that are cheaply produced or sourced from overseas. A pool pump should be quiet and non-intrusive to your backyard.  If this is the case a variable speed pool pump is likely in your best interest.  We offer the quietest, most energy efficient options on the market today.  Variable speed pumps come with extended warranties and pay for themselves through energy savings alone!

Pool Pump won’t turn on?

Pool pumps are set on timers so that you do not have to worry about them. Some newer homes come standard with programmed automation systems. This is a set of circuit breakers that can be found at the house service panel or equipment pad. If your pool pump is not turning on, contact Blue Utopia Pools for your Goodyear AZ Pool Pump Repair.

Having problems with circulation?

If your water level gets too low and your pump runs without water, it can overheat. Sometimes the issue is that a loose fitting going into the inlet of the pool pump causes the pump to pull in air, losing the ability to prime. A filter could also be skewing the suction lines. Call us today at 623-932-9104 to diagnose your Goodyear pool pump repair issue today.