Question: Why is my pool green?

Answer: The green in your pool is a single-celled plant called Algae. It is a form of seaweed.

Algae can be carried to the pool by the wind, which drops spores into the water where they grow quickly, especially in Arizona where the water temperature in pools can exceed 90 degrees in summer.

Although green and black algae tend to flourish in water that lacks chlorine or other residual sanitizer, algae can grow in the presence of both chlorine and well-balanced water.

Some forms of algae become increasingly resistant to the amounts of chlorine you maintain in the water. This is another reason to super chlorinate (shock) on a regular basis, recommended weekly in the summer for pools in the Valley.

Pool pump run times, equipment condition, and filter effectiveness can all affect pool algae growth, so it’s important to maintain your pool equipment in optimum condition and make sure you run your pump for the recommended time in the summer based upon the number of gallons in your pool.

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