Save Your Hardware ~ Pool filters in Arizona need cleaning 3 times each year.

Due to the extreme heat in summers and dust storms year-round. Filter cleaning is an ongoing necessity that should be part of your regular pool maintenance when you live in Arizona.

Blue Utopia Pools recommends pool filter cleaning at least three times per year.

Not cleaning your pool filters will lead to many negative outcomes for your equipment:
  • Rise in pressure – The rule of thumb is that after a rise of 10PSI you need to have your filters cleaned.
  • Water problems – Full filters cannot properly clean the water in your pool. This leads to algae problems and higher chemical use. This means your pool will have to be drained more often.
  • Vacuum and pop-up inefficiency – Full filters and increased pressure will lead to decreased suction from your vacuums and pop-ups.
  • Vegetation – If you have increased vegetation in your yard you might need more than 3 Filter Cleans per year.
An increase in pressure in the system can lead to many negative consequences.

Increased pressure on the gaskets, seals, and motor. As well as increased pressure on the parts and cartridges in the filter. Can lead to leaks and some costly repairs. As such as a cracked manifold ($75+), cracked cartridges ($200+), grids ($240+ for eight grids). And screens ($13), outlet pipe leaks ($115+) and replacement of gaskets and seals (varies). There are labor fees on top of that which start at $85 and add to the total cost of repairing your pool. Many of the parts above will need to be replaced every three to five years. But maintaining your pool pressure at optimum levels extends the life of all of the hardware in the system. And is a lot less expensive in the long run.

If you have questions about how many filter cleans your specific pool needs, feel free to call Blue Utopia Pools Service at 623-932-9104.

When was the last time you had your pool filter professionally serviced?