Water Chemistry is a Process of Balance

Why are my pool chemicals always out of balance?

The problem begins when you try to correct a severe imbalance of one or more of the components. You can throw the other components out of alignment. For example, when killing an unexpected algae bloom or eliminating blue staining from the plaster. The treatments you add can make other chemicals less effective or change the pH of the pool.

Water chemistry is a process of balance. Change one component, even to bring it into a correct range, and you might adversely affect another component.

Imagine that the water quality parameters are stones, each of equal size and weight, evenly distributed around the edge of a dinner plate. Now imagine balancing that plate on one finger. You can do it if you find the exact center of the plate, where each stone balances the others. But now imagine that one stone is doubled in weight or removed, it now changes the balance of the plate. The other stones will slide into new positions or off the plate completely, eventually making the entire plate fall.

So it is with water chemistry, a balancing act, with each component working on the others. This is true even in fall and winter when you might not be swimming in your pool.

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Can you balance on your hands?