Why Do I Need a Professional to Acid Wash My Pool?

While you can acid washing the surface of your empty pool as a weekend DIY project. Hiring a Blue Utopia Pools professional provides you protection and peace of mind. Different types of pool surfaces will need different mixtures of acid, and the acid can remain on the surface for different lengths of time before needing to be washed away.

Professional Acid-Wash a Swimming Pool

Hiring a professional ensures your pool surface will not be damaged by allowing the acid to be too strong or sit too long, etching too deeply into the surface. In addition, professionals have the knowledge, experience, and protective equipment to ensure that they do not inhale or touch the acid, damage their equipment, or spend countless hours on the project. Acid washing a pool is a big project which a professional can do in a few hours, but will take a do-it-yourselfer much longer, plus the cost of equipment and protective gear.

How to Acid Wash a Pool

Acid washing your pool can be done in one morning, once the pool is drained. After the acid wash, the drain and refill processes are the same as a regular drain and fill.

Acid washing will clear your pool of unsightly algae bloom and phosphate build-up. It requires that a thin layer of your plaster, gunite or Pebble-Tec be removed by scrubbing the sides and bottom with hydrochloric acid, aka muriatic acid, at least once and possibly twice depending how deep the stains are embedded. Next, the acid must be washed away with water and further neutralized with soda ash. This is to ensure the acid does not scar the pool. Finally, the ash and water must be pumped out of the pool and discarded according to local ordinances.

The acid wash process takes approximately four hours. Draining a pool is an eight to ten hour process. Refilling a pool can take a day to a day-and-a-half.

Blue Utopia Pools Service technicians know the regulations for emptying water from your pool. Most often the water can go back into the sewer system and we will obtain permits if they are necessary.

We’re here to answer your questions and concerns about draining your pool, or your swimming pool maintenance. When you need peace of mind, feel free to call Blue Utopia Pools Service at 623-932-9104.